20 tips to be a successful student

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As many students are having difficulties in their ways to success, I’d like to share with you all 20 tips to be a successful student. I hope you all will like it and please do not thank me for doing it. Just inform me if it is working well for you.

20 Tips to be a successful student

1. We must believe that we are originally successful as stated by Allah S.W.T in the Qur’an in Surah At-Tin :

95:4 Surely We created man of the best stature.

This means Allah has created us with everlasting success and as caliphs on earth, we should know how to find and bring out the success ourselves.

2. Our brain is divided into 2 parts: left hemisphere and right hemisphere. The right hemisphere functions to think logically, critically, think about science and anything that’s considered in this area. The left hemisphere functions to think creatively, literary and else that’s called creative. Normally, many students use the right hemisphere to learn but the fact is, learning is excellent and you’ll learn at the maximum stage when you use both sides of your brain. Here we can conclude that we should learn with both sides of our brain to get the maximum understanding when we’re learning.

3. Don’t ever believe that you’re an ordinary person with nothing to be proud of. Here, I don’t ask you to be proud of yourself or what, the thing is, you must believe and feel confident that you’re created with success. You must believe that you’re truly a successful person. But you must find the success first before believing it that way.

4. Remember these facts:
We remember 10% of what we read
20% of what we read and listen
(listen to teacher)
50% of what we read, listen and see
(pay attention to teacher)
70% of what we read, listen, see and say
(say everything we have learned loudly)
90% of what we practice daily
(do exercise after study daily, every time you’ve finished studying)

5. Learn actively with your fingers pointing at what you’re learning to increase your attention. Draw a mind map every time after you’ve finished studying.

6. Learn 2 ½ -3 hours a day for high school students and 4-5 hours a day for those in university.

7. Learn in a conducive surrounding:
a) Green /yellow/ both surrounding

b) Sufficient light

c) A bit hotter (no air-conditioned room please)

d) Lower noise

e) IMPORTANT: Don’t ever try to learn with music. It might cause your brain to be confused. You aren’t learning actually but reading! As said by many scholars, there’ll no barakah to those who learn this way. NO BARAKAH FROM ALLAH! SO, STOP LISTENING TO MUSIC WHEN YOU’RE LEARNING! (Music is Haram)

f) Paste motivation posters like Qur’an phrases (most recommended) and your own motivation like: I’m clever! I can do it! Of course, I can! Allah’s with me!

g) Learn towards kiblah. If you’re capable to do this (most recommended) change your table’s position towards kiblah. And if can, please remove your table’s position to be near to the window as the brain needs oxygen and sugar (this will be explained later) to operate excellently.

h) Wear some perfumes (girls, please listen. Do not wear it outside or when there’s ajnabi around (non-muhrim men around) it might cause a BIG sin. Wear it a bit when you’re studying).

i) Smile when you’re studying.

8. Don’t ever try to leave your class (when you’re in school or etc) without any good reason. This could cause the teachers to hate you and stop praying for your successor on the other hand: NO BARAKAH FROM ALLAH! If you cannot avoid from leaving your lesson, you should ask for apology and notes from your teachers.

9) Learn about output learning:
a) Read first

b) Try to remember back

c) Draw a mind map

d) Check your mind map and compare it to the real note.

e) Speak out loudly what you’ve learned

9. You should know how to motivate yourself when you fail to get what you’re targeting to own.

10. Write the positive deeds you’ve done in your diary daily. This could help to motivate you.

11. Befriend with positive people.

12. Try to help others to be the best. If you do it this way, Allah will help you to be best too. Insha Allah.

13. Pray to Allah every second…as possible as you can.

14. Always be early in everything. For example, sit in front of your class. Prepare for your exam earlier. Read any related thing or the subject you’ll learn before being taught by the teachers.

15. Always recite Surah Al Insyirah ‘Alam nasyrah’ before you learn, sit for the exam. Recite Yaasin or Qur’an 2 ains daily.

16. Learn in short session: Every 20 minutes, stop for 2-3 minutes to drink water and etc. You won’t feel bored this way.

17. Revise as soon as possible before 24 hours. For instance, if you read Geography that morning, at night you should revise it back.

18. You should know how to strengthen your memory.
a) Do not eat fish head, internal organs like heart of animal (If you want to eat those food, please recite Bismillahillazi layadurru maa’s mihi shaiun fil ardi wala fissama’I wahuassami ul allim ( ANYONE WHO KNOWS ARABIC, PLEASE HELP ME TO WRITE IT IN ARABIC). Please do not eat any food that’s being polluted….has ant in it (there’s a sahih hadith about it).

b) Drink one hour before/after eating as done by Rasulallah S.A.W. Learn 2 hours after eating to avoid from being sleepy. Eat before iftar if possible.

c) Do not eat much as Umar Al Khattab said it isn’t good for health and your mind. You’ll feel sleepy if you do it.

d) Do not see your private side frequently. It can cause you to be an absent minded and you might have sight problem.

e) Do not look at bubbles. Do not read dead people names at the graveyard. Scholars believe bubbles will cause your memory to burst like bubbles too and dead people names will cause your brain to be dead.

f) Eat a lot of nuts, peas and beans. Eat raisins, honey, and dates too.

g) Wear hair oil.

h) Exercise weekly to be fit all the time.

19. Make a flexible timetable. You can have rest, study, and play in it. Include all good points like learning, your hobby and etc. But remember do not do something like learning for a long time, it will cause you to be bored. And do not play for too long time, you’ feel tired and you cannot study after that.

20. Make salah Tahajjud and Hajat daily. Pray for every muslim especially your friends, parents and teacher.

Above all Perform Your Salaah Daily….

An Aleem said (on Islam Channel): A person can not learn by two things
1) Arguing with a Fool
2) Arguing with your Teacher (Always respect your teacher as u respect ur Parents.

It did work.. When I was in College I was studying 18 units + As Use of Maths throughout 2 years.. N I end up getting 12 Distiction (A) and 6 Merits and B for my AS Use of Maths… I m not trying to say i m clever. I would request all brothers n sisters to perform salaah..

If u stuck some where while doing some revison. Perform 2 Rakah Nafil.. and ask Allah SAW to give u Tufiq to learn. Show u anything is hidden. Make things ease for u… Teach you what you do not know.. This is the Dua which is used to make by our Muslim Scientist as in mention Harun Yahah Documentary

Allah knows Best

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    Its a great instruction for us. TnQ Brother 😍


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